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POLAND - 1942 - 1945 POLISH PRISONER OF WAR CAMP POSTS EXCEPTIONAL COLLECTION. A beautiful collection of unused and used stamps, miniature sheets and used stamps tied to camp- illustrated & plain post cards and on sheetlets & pieces displaying a range of the handmade special cancellations. Collected by a philatelist who bought much from the major public and specialised auctions this wonderful range of stamps, produced with the scarcest material under the most extreme circumstances to service the internal postal service of the camp (or at least that's what the German guards thought, the main aim was to raise funds for Polish widows and orphans) are amongst the most atmospheric of the entire war! Briefly (amongst much else) we see the stamps from OFLAG IIC WOLDENBERG including unissued 1942 Feb. "Hauptstadte Polens" set and the 1943 Nov. 20+80f black and grey Marshall Pilsudski rejected essay by Czarnecki (he was so upset by the rejection the authorities printed 200 anyway) amongst a number of other essays, various proofs include the 1944 Mar. 35f definitive in black, 1944 Jun. 25f Pres. Raczkiewicz in black, 1944 Sept. Warsaw Uprising without value in black, 1944 Nov. Battle of Varna upper stamp impression in black etc, amongst the many issued stamps we note the 1945 Jan. Bloody Sunday (2 examples), also the 1943 May. Copernicus used set + miniature sheet (crease), there is also a superb range of defaced black prints (19) plus so very much more; OFLAG IID GROSSBORN begins with the 1943 Nov. 10f Dove and includes the 1944 Jun. Maritime Day, 1944 Jul Olympics set, etc: OFLAGĀ  IIE NEUBRANDENBURG 1944 Mar 5f "Charity" 2 used examples in different colours; OFLAG VIIA MURNAU includes 1942 Dec. 15f Fish and Trident, 1942 Dec. 20f x2 different colours (signed Mikulski), 1944 Nov. 2mk red and violet (420 printed, the smallest print run of all Murnau stamps), 1944 Dec. 5f Cockerel, 1945 Mar. 5mk Polish Eagle PLUS SO MUCH MORE. A fascinating and very fine collection of these fabulous stamps (approx 260 stamps / essays / proofs / defaced black prints, also 2 miniature sheets plus postcards with stamps & a few other items)

  • Auction date:18 December 2018 16:30
  • Time left to bid:1 day, 17 hours and 17 minutes
  • Auction number:5287
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