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Lot number: 5024

  • Guide price (GBP): 500 - 600
  • Currency guide (USD): 710 - 852

GENERAL SECTION - BRITISH COMMONWEALTH - FIVE VOLUME COLLECTION 1860s-1990s mint & used collection, all different with A-Z ranges, we see Australia Roos to 2s, KGV Heads to 5d, Robes to £1, 1948 High Value set & later to dollar values, range of A.A.T., Bahamas KGVI to 1s mint & used, 1953-64 QEII set mint, 1964 opt'd set mint, useful Bechuanaland, good looking range of Cape of Good Hope with QV & KEVII to 1s, Ceylon to Rupee values, Cyprus, Federated Malay States "Tigers," Hong Kong KGV to $1, KGVI to $10, QEII to $50, 1987 pres pack with defin set NHM, Malawi, useful Malta with KGVI to 10s, Mauritius, Newfoundland, New Zealand with Fiscals to £1 & later ranges to $10, Nigeria KGV mint to 1s, North Borneo, Northern Rhodesia, Rhodesia 19th Century to 10s, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Sierra Leone KGVI to 10s & £1, Singapore QEII era to $10, useful South Africa, Colonies & SWA  ranges, Sudan AND MORE (over 5300 stamps).

  • Auction date:27 February 2018 16:30
  • Time left to bid:2 days, 14 hours and 44 minutes
  • Auction number:7276
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