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Lot number: 5355

  • Guide price (GBP): 2250 - 2500
  • Currency guide (USD): 2790 - 3100

AUSTRALIAN STATES - SOUTH AUSTRALIA 1855-1912 USED COLLECTION - VALUABLE LOT with many better stamps present, the collector chose good to fine used examples, in different shades where possible. We see 1855 1d dark green (three margins), 2d rose-carmine & 6d deep blue, both with shades; 1856-8 1d yellow-green (three margins), 6d slate-blue & 1s orange plus a wide range of the 2d basic listed shades plus other, more subtle variations and 2d red with opened out, pre-printing paper fold; 1858-9 First Roulettes all values; 1860-9 Second Roulettes all values incl. 1d & 2d values in many of the listed shades, 4d dull violet incl. c.d.s. example, page of 6d values (x18) with most of the listed shades and a number bearing c.d.s. postmarks, 10d on 9d orange-red (x8), 10d on 9d yellow with blue ovpt (x3) plus example with black ovpt and c.d.s. pmk, 1s yellow (x6), 1s brown shades (x10), 2s rose-carmine (x2); 1867-70 P.11½ x roulette all values incl. some additional shades; 1868-79 all values incl. both 10d surcharges; 1870-1 perf.10 all values, note nice 1d pair, 3d on 3d surcharge in red; 1870-3 all values except 1s; 1876-1900 wmk Broad Star P.11½-12½ all values incl. 1s shades (x28), P.10x11½-12½ all values incl. shades; 1901-2 wmk Crown SA 9d, 1s x2, 2s mint; collection continues with similar wide ranges of electrotype issues with some mint stamps amongst the used, so we see 1868-76 1d & 2d roulettes and various perfs as listed in SG; 1883-99 all values in most of the P.10, P.15 & P.13 issues; 1894-1906 2½d violet-blue & 5s brown-purple in various perfs; 1902-4 thin "POSTAGE" values to 5s used plus 3d, 8d & 10d mint; 1904-11 thick "POSTAGE" values to 2s6d; 1906-12 thick "POSTAGE" wmk Crown over "A" values to 1s incl. 3d x5 in various shades and length of values. Recommended (approx 400 stamps).

  • Auction date:28 March 2017 16:30
  • Time left to bid:3 days, 14 hours and 33 minutes
  • Auction number:7264
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